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Greatly reduce service management costs with our flexible modular licensing models

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  • 4 Products
  • 28 Modules
  • 1 SMART auto learning Workflow Engine
  • =
  • next generation service automation software
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  • ...Certified by PinkVerify for 11 Key ITIL Processes
  • ...Awarded by Gartner FrontRunners two years in a row
  • ...Appraised by Capterra to be Best Functionality ITSM Software
  • But more importantly,
  • ...Celebrated by Customers and Users all over the world
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  • Why wait forever to implement the product?
  • Why force fit your business needs to a product?
  • Why perform the tasks that should be automated?
  • Why administrate the product instead of configuring it?
  • Why spend enterprise level money to get an entry level product?
  • Unless you are a big fan of “reinventing the wheel”,
  • Choose a solution that seamlessly addresses all your business needs...Out of the Box!!!
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  • World is your Office…
  • Use your Computer or Mobile Device, Your Choice…
  • Being in the Field or Being on the Beach, Your Choice…
  • Work sitting at your Desk or lounging on Recliner, Your Choice…
  • Fully functional Mobile Apps at your finger tips or tip of your stylus, Your Choice!!!
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  • Use 3rd party software?
  • Have Call Center offshore?
  • Want everything on social media or prefer not to?
  • Have different departments use different software?
  • Spent too much building your current infrastructure?
  • Fear not, SMARTMan to the rescue!!!
  • Integrate any of the current systems to work with SMART Service Desk…Seamlessly!!!
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  • 1 Company
  • 4 Products
  • 28 Modules
  • 15 Unique Solutions
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Any Industry Solution can be implemented in Days, not Months or Years…Guaranteed!!!
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  • An ITSM Solution that is developed inside out with 100% compliant ITIL framework with a SMART Auto Learning Workflow Engine at the core for Seamless Integration along with fully open APIs resulting in a Service Automation Platform like no other
  • …a truly Next Generation Service Automation
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