SMART Support Desk

The SMART Support Desk is built to effectively manage support related activities including customer complaints, cases & inquiries. Both support agent and end user can use SMART Mobile apps to track their ticket status and update the same accordingly on the go. It comes with an inbuilt workflow system to ensure that SLA Alerts are triggered to the respective users.

SMART Field Service Desk

SMART Field Service Desk is designed considering the fact that most of the time support agents will be on the field and hence they need a robust & easy to use mobile application to manage their daily activities so that both support department and end users are informed timely.


SMART Patient Desk

SMART Patient Desk assists not only support agents, but also patients to track their tickets such as Inquiries, Complaints, Cases, Requests, appointments, etc. SMART Patient Desk is powered by native mobile apps so that users can track the status at any time.

SMART Health Desk

SMART Health Desk is mainly focused to track cases or complaints related to Clinics, Primary Health centers & Hospitals. The solution can be integrated with third party websites and also has custom forms to capture complaint details e.g. Name, contact number, Department, Region, GPS location etc.


SMART University Desk

SMART university desk is a simple, affordable and scalable Service Management Solution with automated workflow, system user interface, mappings and integrations by which students and faculty members can Increase their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness with integrated attached knowledge base.

SMART School Desk

SMART School Desk is an Innovative web-based Service/Support management software solution. It's a user friendly, easy to use solution that improves Service Level Agreement, Enhanced customer satisfaction, Reduced costs of service delivery across the school, Improved Mean Time to Repair by which supporting services in schools become robust, scalable and measurable and hence meet their IT Audit Standards.



SMART HR Desk is a Specialized Tailored software which is available in both web/browser and supported by native mobile apps available in both Android & IOS to mechanize employees related tickets such as Concern, Query, Request, Suggestion your HR group can center around enhancing administration, quality and employee beneficial programmes. SMART Workflow Engine to ensure effective and efficient running of the department by triggering timely ticket assignment, approvals, escalations etc.


SMART Repair Desk

SMART Repair Desk is a Web based software, engineered specifically for small and medium sized organizations that allow technicians to track & monitor work orders, repair jobs, stay on top of inventory and manage multiple store locations. It also keeps track of inventory levels and notifies the business to maintain pre-order level.

SMART Customer Desk

SMART Customer Desk is developed by focusing on customer related scenarios to effectively manage customer related cases where in, the customer can register their tickets by using web self service portal or by sending an email to a designated support email ID, which will be converted into a ticket and accordingly can track the status of their tickets.


SMART Complaint Desk

SMART Complaint Desk can streamline the complete process of complaint management, right from the complaint creation to the closure, this includes complaint registration, classification, prioritization, SLA calculation, assignment, approvals, escalations etc.

SMART Consumer Desk

SMART Consumer Desk is a robust system powered by SMART Workflow Engine & SMART native mobile apps to automate the services being rendered to the Consumers. It also has inbuilt predictive analytics system to assist not only support agent to respond the cases logged by Consumers but also the helps management to continuously improve the quality of service.


SMART Citizen Desk

SMART Citizen Desk is a single platform for the Citizens supported by native mobile apps in Android & IOS where in Citizen can register their Cases, Complaints, suggestion, request related to any department within the governing body.


SMART Legal Desk

SMART Legal Desk is a customized solution to meet all Legal, governance, Audit compliance requirements. The SMART Legal Desk will eliminate all manual paper work & converts the records maintenance into electronic format for the ease of access for future purpose and reporting/KPI for analytics for the management & contentious process/service improvement.


SMART Utility Desk

SMART Utility Desk is powered by SMART Workflow Engine along with Dynamic Service Catalog Designer to have a separate servicing team for the respective department, e.g. Electrical, nuclear, oil, gas and other utility corporations. Minimize potential property loss, maintain public confidence and manage your internal response in any type of situation.